Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Well, my debt reduction plan is having a bout of hick ups.

I took one of my dogs to the vet for annual shots. I also had to buy a year's supply of this combo flea and heart worm prevention medicine. Cost -- about $240.

Then there is the going away party I agreed to throw for a dear friend and colleague. 

To get rid of the budding flea population in my house and clean a few stains from my sofa, I rented a steam cleaner and bought the requisite supplies. Total cost -- about $40. 

Okay, these expenses can all be justified. 

I did, however, allow myself an indulgence this weekend. I broke down and replaced my living room chair. 

My dogs slowly destroyed it by doing that canine thing where they dig, then circle, before lying down. Over time, they have torn right through the upholstery. I flipped the cushion to prolong its life. After this side met the same fate, I put a used sheet over it. Then another one, to hide the deepening holes in the cushion itself.

So as I cleaned my house the weekend to prepare for the going away party, I took a hard look at my ratty heap of a chair and decided to replace it. 

I did set a limit -- $100. And I lucked out. My favorite used-furniture store had slashed its prices by half to make room for new inventory. I found a lovely white vinyl, mid-century piece that hopefully will be immune to puppy claws. 

As a result, this month my only payment to my credit card will be the $1000 I threw at it last week.

In a perfect world, I would have been able to slice another $500 chunk off the debt mound in a week. 

I shouldn't complain too much, though. Other people have true financial woes befall them -- such as a blown transmission or worse.

Here's hoping a few baby sitting gigs come my way this month, at least enough to cover the chair. 

I think it is time to put the banjo up for sale on Craig's List.

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