Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Beauty

Thursday has become one of my favorite days of the month, when my salary is deposited into my checking account. 
In the old days (less than a year ago), I used to begin thinking about what I "needed" to buy over the next two weeks, until my next pay day arrived. 

Now, the first thing I do is transfer a huge chunk to savings. Today that amount equals $1,000. My glee overfloweth.

The transformation from spender to saver did not occur immediately. I felt deprived, but focused, during the first seven months I made sacrifices to quickly eliminate my credit card debt. 

Like all creatures of habit, though, I have adjusted. Living way below my means is no longer quite the arduous task it once was. 

At the same time, the benefits are growing sweeter. I can now survive almost three months of unemployment. This is no idle accomplishment, given the uncertainty at my company.

The change is beautiful, at least to me. I have my first taste of financial peace, and I love it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, when I'm in town, want to chart some plans with me?

I have myself a new goal, but methinks your handy-dandy software and fierce computer skills might help make things more clear ...