Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Double Payment Whammy

I am still in my 30s, so why I do I keep forgetting that I already made my monthly student loan payment? This has happened twice this year!
The first error occurred in January. I scheduled my payment online about a week before it was due. I checked back a few days later and saw no payment pending, so I reentered the automatic withdrawal request thinking I had made a mistake earlier. Yeah, I was wrong. 

The second one happened this week. Same situation.  Its as if my financial responsibility is on overdrive, or perhaps battling a case of dementia.

Why is this even a problem if I am working to be debt free? I have set strict monthly savings goals to make sure I meet the big target of $10,000 in my emergency fund by Oct. 1. The $200 over payment could make me miss it.

I think it is time to find something new to sell on Craig's List.

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