Saturday, May 10, 2008

Economic Stimulus Here I Come

I received $600 from the IRS this week, and I plan to spend every penny of it.
For nearly a year, I have scrimped and saved to meet my financial goals. 

Yes, I do budget a bit of fun into my life each month. I also allow an occasional purchase. (I have made two since January - a shirt from a thrift store that cost less than $20 and a chair from a used furniture store that cost less than $100.)

Nevertheless, I have dutifully delayed gratification on numerous fronts. No more, at least with this stack of cash. So here is how I plan to spend my stimulus money at locally-owned businesses:
  1. Buy a compost bin - I want to turn the mound of leaves and my vegetable scraps into fertile soil. I could probably save money by building one, but I rent my house and want the bin to be mobile when I move.
  2. Buy a new battery for my laptop - My current one has been kaput for months. (I will place an order with the independently owned Mac shop, not the one at the Mall.)
  3. Repair my broken TV - I dropped it off at a shop a few weeks ago. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
  4. Have fun with my friends next weekend when we get together in Baltimore. (The airplane ticket has already been purchased.)
These are the rewards I am giving myself for diligently sticking to my budget and meeting my debt/savings goals so far. 

They may cost more than $600. We'll see. If anything, the battery purchase can be delayed.

But I feel the need to grab the carrot and take a bite at least once in a while. Is that really so bad?


Anonymous said...

is that bad?


in fact, it may even be good. or better than you think.

you will prolly be more apt to savor your splurge this way. and only spend on what you really have prioritized, which is how you get to be ChicSaverExtraordinaire!

lisa schamess said...

chic saver! in the immortal words of Frankenstein's creature: "Friend! Friend!!!!"

are you debt free? will you ever post again? will you se me for infringement (touch toes because I have no money too).

these are the questions burning ...

(found you via Scoopgirl via Artboy)

lisa schamess said...

that's "sue me" 'u' is missing from my keyboard and i am too cheap to replace it. is where you'd go to gather evidence against me.