Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bach me

My friend, a.k.a. Monkey, mentioned tonight how certain moments in life became sweeter after she began guarding her pennies closely.
She recently treated herself and her beaux to $80 tickets for a performance of J.S. Bach's St. Mathew Passion. The experience, she said, was more intense now that pricey excursions were rare.

It has happened to me, too. At times I feel like my puritan quest to eliminate Debt is in some sense a pursuit for simplicity -- to learn how to consume only what I truly need. It has been a hairy trek since I cling to habits, particularly the bad ones.  Yet it has also has yielded childish joy in what was once mundane.

My example, perhaps a shallow one, will appear tomorrow in the form of a fancy haircut. (I do have pangs of vanity, despite my deprivations of late.) I can't wait for the scalp massage, the free glass of wine and the hour and a half a talented stylist will devote to my beauty. 

It is my reward for slaying my MasterCard. It will also make me look a little less slovenly as I wear jeans and motorcycle boots I to my corporate job.

Granted, her fine work will have to survive another five months. But the bounce it will give promises to last for weeks.

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Reporter wants to know said...

i may be a monkey, but i sure know the value of a banana.