Saturday, March 15, 2008

Knock, knock

Three weeks after paying off my credit card, the offers for new ones seem to be increasing.
The most amusing letter to date is from American Express. It arrived today, greeting me with the following:

The road to financial success has many milestones marking how far you've come. You've just reached one such milestone. You've been Selected for the American Express Preferred Rewards Green Card.

It also praises my financial record and lists all the benefits I would get with their credit card, including no pre-set spending limit. Yikes!

I have nothing against the company. I just find it ironic given the sacrifices I have made to rid myself of consumer debt. After all, this is the first month in years I received a credit card statement with a zero balance and no interest charges. 

These are the milestones that matters to me.

It is hard for me to imagine any circumstances under which I would get one again given how universally accepted debit cards have become.

The only debt I would consider assuming at this point would be a home loan. I will not be ready for this, though, until I pay everything else off, save a hefty down payment and enjoy living life for a while without ANY loans.

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Anonymous said...

Credit card fliers are the Jehovah's Witnesses of the mail system.