Monday, March 31, 2008

Relief, or something like it

It appears I have survived another round of layoffs. 
No one has been fired in two weeks, so I am assuming the bloodbath is over. Unlike last year, no official announcements were made. We do not even know how many people were let go. It really is appalling. 

I often find myself counting the days until my immediate financial goals are met, a favorite distracting reverie. If only I could fast forward my life until next
June -- no debt, $10K cash in the bank. Oh the Freedom. The savings will continue after I reach the mark, of course. But there is something magic about obtaining that first big, round number. 

I do have other things to consider, though.

While I love what I do, I have begun to entertain other career options. There is only so much I am willing to sacrifice to stay in this industry. The worthy employers are becoming fewer in number.

I'm giving myself until next summer to find a job doing the same kind of work, but at a different company. 

If that fails, I will be taking the plunge into a new career. I don't know what that is yet. There is much thinking to do. Switching as I near 40 is not going to be easy, especially since I want to do something that satisfies my mind and heart.

Life is too brief to want to speed through any of it.

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